Spicy Pomfret Fry


Spicy Pomfret fry is one of the most favorite sea food Konkani dish in every home. It’s very simple, easy and tasty recipe.
Pomfret are commonly known as Paplet in Konkani goan language. This is the delicious and quick fry can be prepared in no time. The aroma and the taste of the pomfret will tempt you to eat. Originally the dish is inspired from Portuguese cuisine. The people in Goa usually eat as a snack along with hard drink. There are many fan of Goan delicacies whether it is curry or fry, they just freak on them. And this is so easy recipe, just marinate the fish into the masala, roll it on the coarse rice powder and fry till it is crispy on both the side. So let’s see all are the ingredients needed for this recipe.


Serving Instruction

Spicy Pomfret fry is served with Pav bread and with plain rice.